Shame and Disgrace

by SeeN

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The 3rd album by SeeN, recorded in 2014 in Szentbékálla.


released September 27, 2016

Áruló Zoltán - vocal
Csökönyös Péter - bass, vocal
Előítéletes Huba - guitar
Árulkodó Sándor - keys
Zavarosban Halászó Dániel - drums

recorded, mixed and mastered by Dániel Sándor
band photo by Áron Wéber
album art by Péter Kolozsi



all rights reserved


SeeN Budapest, Hungary

We are an experimental-psychedelic rock band from Hungary. Formed in 2004, recorded 3 albums so far. The first one with the title "A Matter of Birth or Death", the second with "Intrigue and Love" and the third with "Shame and Disgrace".

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Track Name: The Jewish
Walking down the street I’ve met a man
Wearing a suit I didn’t understand
(why)He asked for things I’ve never heard before
He offered money to trample on
To step on his face and on his chest
To wipe my feet in his fancy new vest
First I was shocked, almost terrified
But the sweet taste of money slowly changed my mind

We’re all whores, there’s no difference
Mirror is on the wall
We’re all wolves, there’s no difference
Just let us carry on

Shoe against skin, face is in the mud
Fancy new vest is ripping apart
Sensual moaning, he’s turned on
Erotical gasping, oh Dear Mum
I tried to erase it from my memory
But sooner or later I will need money
What can I say, I take the blame
I need to find him to do it again

But he wanna find me again
Track Name: The Gipsy
See you naked, lying in my bed
Imagine you and me, this picture is in my head
Tempting wrinkles, age is no big deal
Under my command, we will make it real
For the third time you disgusted me
Desire faded away, paralysing leech
Cheating husband comes handy for me
But enough already, it’s time to disappear

He says:
I will use you lady, come to me
Intrigue and love baby
She says:
You’ve fucked your on mum, damn you man
I will be your worst nightmare

You’ve fucked your own mum
I’m your worst nightmare
Trouble on your head
Will haunt you ‘till you dead
Track Name: The Russian
Disappointed I arrived
10($) by the hour
Booked for New Year’s Eve
Desperately dying old jew
Hooked on a feeding machine
And a staring little girl
I feel like I’m in a zoo
Wondering if I am A monkey and a goj
Or she desires me
Forbidden fruit and a toy
Awkward moments will come
Long lasting agony
10 bucks by the hour
A whore for her desire

Please keep me clean and leave my pride
Let me be with my dignity
The only thing I’ve left
Please just Help!
Please keep me clean and leave my pride
Let me be with my dignity
The only thing I’ve left

Me and my victim alone
Victim of apathy
I have no sympathy
Shameful symphony
Rattling, freaking out
Moaning and waving
Wet bad, wet fantasy
I’m your exorcist
Help is not on the way
Help yourself I say
Hopeless ceremony
Healthcare masquerade
Slowly passing time
Recreating my army
Try not to fall asleep
Listening to my army
Track Name: The German
4 tramps in France are hitting the dusty road
For some food and shelter they will cross the sword
They bump into a man from their neighbourhood
He’s inviting trouble onto his grizzled head
The caravan is arriving at the old man’s place
Right away they start chasing their guileless prey
Easy money for easy job, bit it’s not enough
Prepared for mislead, the dice is rolling now

Oh, when you don’t have a thing
You throw away your principles
When hunger takes over
When you’re far away from home
You don’t fear God anymore
Lose your dignity
When you lose humanity
When your neck is in the loop
The tramp becomes a crook

4 tramps in France are on the road again
They wasted everything they got from the man
“I’m not touched by your freedom fight” - one of the gipsies said
Headed back to the small town with the master plan
The caravan is arriving at the old man’s place
Right away they start chasing their guileless prey
’56 betrayed 4 times for 500
Judas killed himself, but they did not feel a thing
Track Name: The Romanian
Enough of masturbation
Anyway, I think she’s in
To tear my flower
Introduced by another
Choking appetite
Forged in metal
My blame, walk of shame
Burial ground
Burris my dream
So long manhood
Welcome home
Another try, another failure
Father enters the room

There’s a cemetery gate ahead
Let’s make it happen, witnessed by the dead
Is sticking my side
So hard to get access
Do not bet on horses
Track Name: The Norwegian


Suspicious silence
Whistle blowing

Causeless arrogance
Fishing in troubled waters